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Bike Radar: Nino Schurter wins World Cup #1 on 650b wheels!

Check out the latest Bike Radar article about Nino Schurter’s win on 650B wheels.  Thomas Frischknecht, who is the team director for Scott-Swisspower has some great things to say about 650B. He talks about how they tested all three wheels sizes in South Africa and how they came to their conclusion that 650B is the wheel size to use. Be sure to read the whole article here.


Mountain Bike Action: Wheel Wars

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the March issue of Mountain Bike Action. They put all three wheel sizes head to head on the trails. They rode three Jamis bikes, a 26″ Dragon Team bike, a Dragon 650b and a Dragon Race 29er. After testing all three wheel sizes, they go through and discuss the pros and cons of all three wheel sizes. We are excited by what they had to say about 650B and that they found 650B to be the most versatile wheel size.  Be sure to read it all here.

Fun with 650B

Here at SixFifty, we have been trying to finding ways to keep our mind off the lack of warm weather in Wisconsin. So we tried outfitting a Trek Remedy with some 650b gear. Check out the pictures below.

We decided to throw a 15mm White Brothers Loop fork on the front end of a Trek Remedy.

We also decided to throw on a 15mm American Classic 650BXC front wheel to complete the front end.

Just for fun, we tried our hand at turning a Shimano shifter into a Joplin seat post remote.

We were surprisingly successful, with a flick of the trigger the seat post goes down or up.

2012 Jamis 650b Models available soon!

The full line of 2012 Jamis 650b bikes will be at our door step soon. We will be getting a full size run of every model including the steel Dragon 650. If you are as excited as we are about these new models and can’t wait to get yours, we are offering preorders on all the models. If you are interested just give us a call at 877-449-0900.  But why wait to join the 650b movement? We now have a 50% sale on our remaining stock of Jamis 2010 650b models including the Sixfifty B1 and B2. Click here to check out our amazing pricing on the 2010 Jamis models.

Sneak peek at our Sixfifty prototype frames!

Here is a sneak peek at our Sixfifty frames.  We have been test riding our prototypes all over Wisconsin. The frames will come with a fork, cartridge bearing headset and a seat clamp. We will be offering two fork options.You can choose from an X-Fusion Velvet or Enix. Both fork options will be standard 9mm quick release. You can also choose between running one speed or multiple. The interchangeable dropouts on the frame allow you that choice. Make sure to keep an eye out for these frames in early 2012.



































Trek EX 650b Front

Recently here at Sixfifty we decided to do a bit of experimenting.  The result was this, an EX with a 650b up front and a 26″ in the rear.

The modified EX is running a 2011 Fox Talas 120-150mm QR 15mm fork.  The American Classics 650 BXC  wheel mounted with a WTB Wolverine 2.2 clears just fine.

We fully deflated the fork and checked the tire clearance to make sure no contact with the frame would happen.  Overall the bike felt just as nimble, but with a bit more stability in the rougher sections.

650b Paradise!

We have been working hard and we now have all our 650b product displayed out on our floor. We have our full range of 650b bikes and components all in stock. If your in north eastern Wisconsin be sure to drop by our Oshkosh store to check it all out.  No matter how many miles you are away from us in Wisconsin you can always shop our 650b bikes and components on our website. Remember like us on Facebook to receive 10% off bikes, 15% off frames and 20% off components! Looking for some crank sets and other gear for your bike? Be sure to check out our ebay store for great deals on all mountain bike parts.